2013-09-16 21:30:40


 Waters in Mayenne ( Mayenne is a departement = territory which is part of the REGION called PAYS DE LA LOIRE ) are surface waters and not underground waters because the soil, mainly composed of schist, sandstone, limestone and granite, is perfectly waterproof and stops waters from seeping into it.

In this departement,you can find lakes,ponds and rivers. The surface area covered by land and waters is 5175,21 km² for land and 24 000 0000 cube meters for water.

This surface area is not very important compared to the overall surface area of the PAYS DE LA LOIRE .This can be explained by the fact that waters are used differently in this region : for instance,in LOIRE ATLANTIQUE ( another departement part of Pays de la Loire )

water is used as a reserve for dams and nuclear plants which is not the case in Mayenne.

SOURCES : acoeuretacris.centerblog.net / insee.fr/themes/docs asp. | Download tha map


STUDENTS'WORK supervised by Anne-Sophie VEBER ( Biology Teacher )

Laval, Friday,March 8th 2013