Słowiński National Park is one of two coastal parks in Poland. It was founded to preserve the dune belt of spits in its unaltered natural beauty, along with its migrating dunes, unique on a European scale, and a complex of coastal lakes, marshes, peat bogs, meadows and coastal woodland.

We devote this particular guide to water and its ecosystems. It was created thanks to international students’ cooperation within Comenius project...

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Comenius” project – trip to France (diary of the Polish students) + Embarassed  (diary of the Finish students)

Day one – Sunday

Today we started our adventure with France. The two-hour flight by plane and another five on the bus. In the evening, we were pleasantly greeted by a chilled room and toilet with no light. But it was nice to finally relax after traveling.


Day two – Monday

Early wake up in the morning and breakfast in the school cafeteria. Then, quite a long trip to Mont Saint Michel.Today we got to know the history...


* 14:30 : Beauvais Airport – meeting Polish Team + Finnish Team

* 18.00 : dinner – packed- lunches

* 22.00 / 23 .00 : arrival Laval School of Agriculture – unpacking and bedtime


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