We are interested in particular objectives of The European Water Framework Directive 2000/60WE dated on 23.10.2000 which estabilished framework for EU countries area of operation that is to improve water condition. The main objectives is to result in clean water quality until 2015 and to manage and protect water resources as far as balanced water development is concerned.

Our priority is to present various forms of protecting water an co-existing ecosystems which are still in a good ecological condition, as well as improving water quality together with the condition of ecosystems that became devastated due to human activity.

We would like to make our students more aware of such problems; try to involve them into various ways of protecting water resources; show alternatives of rational tourism development in the context of resonable managament of water resources; compare current protecting actions based of findings and conclusions presented by the exchange students and involved contries.

| Undecided Our project e-mail: frafinpol@gmail.com

| Undecided Teachers: Katarzyna Jaworska-Dawidziuk (PL),Maciej Swędzioł (PL) , Eva Hagman (FI), Anne Sophie Veber (FR)